Symrise AG

The Symrise AG is one of the world’s largest supplier of flavors, fragrances, cosmetic active ingredients, raw materials and functional ingredients, as well as various nutrient solutions. Nowadays, the company ranks the 4th in the F&F market with a share of 11% (as of 2013 year).

The company Symrise has a wide product portfolio, consisting of about 30,000 items. Most of the products are made from natural ingredients such as vanilla, citrus, flowers, plants or animals.

Flavors, fragrances and perfume oils of Symrise, as a rule, take central position in the production of cosmetics, perfumes, foodstuff, food additives, animal forage and baby food.

Production of Symrise Company is divided into 2 segments: Flavor & Nutrition and Scent & Care. Segment Flavor & Nutrition of the company develops and manufactures flavors and functional ingredients which are needed in production of food, beverages and health products.

Direction Scent & Care is divided into smaller 3 segments: perfumes, personal care products and fragrances. In general, the segment Scent & Care of Symrise Company engaged in the production of flavors, basic cosmetic ingredients which are needed for producing perfumes production, personal care products, cosmetic products, cleaning agents and detergents, fragrances for the home, as well as remedies for oral cavity care.

The combination of segments Flavor & Nutrition and Scent & Care qualitatively distinguishes the company from its competitors and offers a range of products, which can satisfy many industrial needs.

The production of Symrise Company includes:

  • Flavors and perfumes;

  • Cosmetic active ingredients;

  • Functional ingredients and nutrition solutions.

Symrise catalog

Group of companies Symrise was formed in 2003 as a result of the merger of two German companies Haarmann & Reimer (H&R) and Dragoco, with headquarters in Holzminden (Germany). The first company was founded in 1874, the second – in 1919. It’s true to say that the company «Symrise» has deep historical roots.

Today, the company Symrise has over 40 offices in different countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

In 2006 the company Symrise became public and its shares began to quote on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB).

Since the merger of company there were made acquisitions that strengthened Symrise on the world market:

  • The Kaden Biochemicals company (the year of acquisition: 2006) – the leading producer of plant extracts.
  • “Food Ingredients” direction of Unilever company in the UK (the year of acquisition: 2007).
  • Aromatics S.A.S. (the year of acquisition: 2007) – French producer of natural raw materials.
  • The direction of flavors, Chr. Hansen Company (the year of acquisition: 2008).
  • Steng company (the year of acquisition: 2008) – the producer of flavors from England.
  • Companies Manheimer Fragrances and Intercontinental Fragrances (the year of acquisition: 2008) – after acquisition significantly strengthened direction of air fresheners.
  • The company Futura Labs (the year of acquisition: 2009) – one of the leading producers of parfumes and flavors of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Belmay company (the year of acquisition: 2013) – American producers of flavors.
  • Company Diana (the year of acquisition: 2013) – French producer of functional ingredients used in the producing foostaff, animal forage, baby food. In addition, the company is known for the production of cosmetic ingredients.